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The apartment Sant’Anna is at via di Sant’Anna 16 – 00186 ROMA

Via di Sant’Anna is situated in the medieval center of Rome surrounded by  the most famous sites of Rome:  the Pantheon, Piazza Navona, Campidoglio, the Roman Forum, the Colosseum, the Isola Tiberina, Castel Sant’Angelo, the Vatican , Villa Borghese, and the Gianicolum hill.

The area, however, is not only touristic but also residential, filled with shops and craft workshops typical of the city.

Here you can really feel in the heart of Rome; discovering the pleasure of buying fruits and vegetables in season in the nearby market of Campo de ‘Fiori, walking in the shadow of the archaeological remains of Imperial Rome, visiting the blacksmiths, basket makers or leather craft shops still present here, and of course enjoying the many typical Roman dishes in the nearby restaurants.

Our house and office are in the same building in via di Sant’Anna 16. It would be our pleasure to help you with any information, advice, or assistance to make your visit to Rome the best possible.

Grocery Stores:

Roscioli, via dei Chiavari: bakery and deli with delicious pizzas and ready meals to take away.
Enoteca Roscioli, via dei Giubbonari: 3000 labels of wine, the best cheeses and meats.
Mercato di Campo de ‘Fiori: all the best fruits and vegetables in season directly from the producers of the Roman countryside
Supermarket SMA via Monte della Farina: need for speed, but also to buy good fresh fish

Restaurants and pizzerias

Sant’Anna Pizzeria: pizza in the house but also many dishes of the excellent Roman cuisine
San Lorenzo restaurant in via dei Chiavari for a romantic and elegant evening
Many kosher restaurants and fast food in the nearby via del Portico di Ottavia
Bars and pubs open till late in Campo dei Fiori, and in the surrounding streets


Feltrinelli bookstore at largo Torre Argentina: the whole modern literature, the classics, guides, manuals even in foreign languages.
Many clothing and shoes stores in via dei Giubbonari.
Elegant boutiques in the nearby via del Corso, via Condotti, piazza di Spagna.
Porta Portese: the largest street market of second-hand and new goods in Rome (only on Sunday morning).



1. Follow signs to the trains (ai treni). Buy ticket (14 euros).
2. Take the direct train To “Roma Termini” and exit at Roma Termini Railway Station. Trains run every 30 minute at 7 and 37 minutes after the hour.
3. Follow the tracks at ground level down to the main gallery of the station and exit in front of you to where all the buses are lined up.
4. Take bus 40 (tickets cost 1,50 euro and must be purchased in advance from the newsstand or tobacco shops in the station).
5. Go 4 stops and exit at Largo Torre Argentina.
6. When you get off the bus, cross the street going towards the Argentina Theatre on the other side. You will be in via di Torre Argentina.
7. Walk straight down the street to the right side of the Argentina Theatre. Turn right on the 3rd street you pass, via di Sant’Anna.
8. The apartment will be on your right at # 16. Ring “Di Capua/Bartoletti”
(or “ing. G.Di Capua/ing. S.Moscatelli” only during regular work hours) to be let in.

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